Respecting your Peers IV

I have been quite quiet for a few days, things have been pretty busy but I am back with another “Respecting your Peers”. Today’s photographer is a very talented chap called John Mundy. I met John through twitter and his work is stunning. His vast, atmospheric golf course shots are a treat for the eyes. Though his skills don’t finish there! Be sure to check him out!





Name? John Mundy. ‘Golfphotostore’ on the web.

Where abouts do you live? Windlesham, Surrey. (A 5 minute walk through the woods to Sunningdale golf course.)

2nd new course sunningdale

What camera and equipment do you use? A very simple lightweight Nikon D50 (due to upgrade soon) , standard 18-55mm zoom lens, old 35-210mm zoom lens , cheap tripod, cheap remote, expensive software.

Lone Beach Hut

Lone Beach Hut

When did you start Photography? When I was about 12.

What made you first start photography? My mum bought me  an Halina 35X (£7.19s.6d or thereabouts). I suppose I started to take it all a bit more seriously when I won a local photo competition with it at the age 14.

6th New Course, Sunningdale

6th New Course, Sunningdale

Is photography your full time job? No, unfortunately. I’m also a freelance advertising art director/designer.

10th Camberley Heath

10th Camberley Heath

Why do you love photography? Getting up in the dark, tramping across a golf course and finding that shot at dawn, then getting back to the warmth of my car (with a thermos of coffee and a fag), driving home and uploading the files onto my mac….what could be better?

Newham Road, Truro, UK

Newham Road, Truro, UK

What photography styles/techniques do you prefer? I mainly shoot landscapes, so I really like creating wide panoramics. And I love putting my images through Photoshop, giving them just enough retouch to still stay natural.

16th Sutton Green

16th Sutton Green

How do you stay inspired? Who inspires you? There are some great photographers on Flickr- amateurs and pros. They are the people who daily inspire me.

IQ, Farnborough

IQ, Farnborough

Do you sell your work? Is it a business? Yes.  4 years ago I built my website selling framed prints of my golf course panos. Then a site aimed specifically at golf club management, and another promoting my architectural photography, aimed at architects and property management businesses.

How do you promote your work? I promote my sites via twitter and occasionally google ads. But you can’t beat phone calls…even if they can be demoralizing at times.



Which is your favourite image and why? I shoot landscapes, normally without any people in them. I never shot people! But ironically I love the snap of the two guys I shot in the smoking zone at an international dentistry exhibition in Cologne (don’t ask). I really like the composition and the  diagonals created by the railings and the panelling on the wall. Plus the two guys bodyshapes are fantastic, not to mention their dress sense. And, for some reason it all looks a bit surreal.

Lake House - Winter

Lake House – Winter

What is your best memory from photography? I’m not going talk about anything aesthetic here- my best memory is of the day I got my first call from a golf club asking me to shoot their course…wow, someone wants to pay me! I’m now a professional photographer!

Lake House - Summer

Lake House – Summer

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of starting out? Go for it. Shoot anything and everything. Develop your own style. Get your pics up on the web. Promote yourself.

5th New Course, Sunningdale

5th New Course, Sunningdale

Also could you include any links people could use eg. website/twitter/facebook etc. Get onto twitter, follow photographers and visit the links they put up. There are so many great blogs out there. And start loading up you pictures on flickr.
Hope you enjoyed the interview! A big than you to John for taking the time to fill out the questions! Make sure to give him a follow on twitter and to check out the rest of his work!
Remember if you would like to be feature or know someone who is worth a feature let me know!


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Living in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Michael started photography in 2007 and has been addicted ever since.
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